This article will show common questions asked about the Online Store. 

How is the product payment recorded in the Phorest system? 

It will be recorded as a transaction in Phorest and appear in Manager > Sales.

The sale will also appear under Manager > ReportsFinance. It will appear in the Products line under Sales. It does not get recorded in the EOD. The End of Day Report only relates to sales that happened in-house.

Does this add sales tax to the total?

Any online purchases will include a sales tax if applicable. It will record that sale in Phorest and any applicable taxes/VAT.

Does the salon process the sale through the payment page ourselves, or is the product sale automatically processed? Will the product numbers will be auto-updated too?

Phorest will handle all payment processing for all online sales via Stripe, and it will automatically appear in that client's product history. Yes, the product numbers will update automatically too.

How do we charge for delivery costs? 

The Delivery charges a client pays per order are added to the Settings tab in the Online Store. There is also an option for:


How much does the feature cost, and how will I receive my money?

For more information, please check out this guide.

Are existing clients able to log in first to bring up their details, and will this be able to transfer to TreatCard points?

There is no client login for Online Store sales. However, for every order, the client list is searched for a match with your client (using the phone number and email address). If we find a match, the online order will be added to that client's product history, and TreatCard points will apply (if you use TreatCard).

Is Paypal an option for payment?

Paypal integration is not an option for the foreseeable future.

We have some brands that require us to only sell their products to our clients after they have had a consultation. Can I sell these brands?

For the moment, we would encourage salons and clinics not to promote these products. It's suggested only to sell these products directly via a video call or phone call at the moment.

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