How do I see My Reviews in PhorestGo?

This article will show you how to see your own and your team's Reviews using PhorestGo 2.0.

  PhorestGo 2.0 Required

To access My Reviews, you will need to download and install the new version of Phorest, PhorestGo 2.0, on your smart device. You can find PhorestGo 2.0 by searching for it on your app store or by clicking on one of the links below:

    iOS Store (iPhone or iPad)
  Google Play Store (Android device)

Appointment Reviews can be viewed in PhorestGo 2.0 by going to My PerformanceMy Reviews.



Staff View

Staff members who do not have access to Manager View will only see their own Reviews.

You can also use the filter button    if you only want to see reviews of a certain rating.

Manager View

Staff members who have access to Manager View will be able to see reviews for all staff and can use the dropdown menu at the top of the screen to filter to a specific staff member's reviews.

Enabling Manager View Access

Manager View access can be enabled in Phorest on a computer by going to ManagerAccess & License Keys > Choose the Access Level you wish to update > Enable the Manager View permission under the Phorest Go (Mobile) section.

For more information on configuring staff Access Levels, check out this guide.

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