How do I adjust my Client Reconnect settings?

This article will show you how you can adjust the settings for Client Reconnect, including when the message is sent and whether a Follow Up message is sent or not.

To adjust your settings, go to Marketing > Client Reconnect > Message Settings.

Choosing How the Message is Sent

Choose the sending method that best suits your business.

Choosing a Fallback option will prioritise the first method and then fallback to the second method if the first isn't possible. For example, if set to SMS with email fallback, then every client who is contactable by SMS will receive an SMS. Any clients who aren't contactable via SMS will receive an email instead. This is based on 1) whether you have the client's phone number saved to their Client Card and 2) whether the client is opted to receive Marketing messages or not.

Note: The Initial SMS/Email for Client Reconnect needs to be sent manually by pressing the Contact Overdue Clients button from the Client Reconnect Overview screen.

Choosing When the Follow Up Message is Sent

Client Reconnect will automatically send a Follow Up message to clients who have been sent your initial Client Reconnect message but still haven't rebooked since that message was sent. Clients who have rebooked after receiving the initial message will not receive a Follow Up message.

On the Message Settings screen, you can set the Follow Up message to be sent automatically after a certain time (default 2 weeks), and at a specific time of day (default 2:00 PM).

Enabling/Disabling the Follow Up Message

If you want to disable the Follow Up message entirely, disable the Enable follow up setting, then click Save Changes. This setting is Enabled by default.

Once disabled, clients will only receive the initial Client Reconnect message whenever you choose to send it manually.

 Next Steps - Adjusting Your Message Templates

Looking to adjust the templates for your Follow Up or Initial SMS/email? Check out this guide.

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