Where can I see how well my email/SMS campaign is performing? (Marketing Performance Analytics)

This article will show you where to view the performance analytics for each of your email and SMS marketing campaigns, including open rates, click rates, how many bookings were made from the campaign, and the total revenue generated.  

Go to Marketing, and click View Campaigns


Initially, you will see an overall summary of all of your campaigns so far including the number of messages sent, bookings made from your campaigns, and the total revenue generated overall.


Getting Performance Analytics for a Specific Campaign

To get the performance metrics for a specific campaign, use the Campaign Type and Campaign Status filters if necessary, then click on the name of your campaign to open it


Once you've selected a campaign, you will see a performance breakdown of that campaign as well as a benchmark analysis against the industry standard. Your campaign performance will be analyzed over the first 72 hours after it is sent. If the analysis is still ongoing, you will be able to see the Remaining Hours timer. Once the analysis is fully completed, this will change to Campaign Complete.

You can use a dropdown menu to switch between Open Rates (the % of clients that opened the email) and Click Rates (the % of clients that clicked a link in your email).



Click Rates are only tracked when you use the  option in the email composer, or the  option in the SMS composer, when adding a link.

Use the Information boxes to get more information on OpensClicks, and Revenue


Revenue is also split up into two metrics - Direct and Indirect. Here's how that is calculated:


You can also click the Clients tab to view a full list of the campaign recipient list, along with individual statistics for each client


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