How do I set up staff commission?

This article will show you how to set up your staff Commission structure for Services and Products.

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Step-By-Step Guide

Basic Commission Structure

To begin creating your Commission structure, go to Manager > Commission.

Here, you will see a list of existing commission structures, if there are any, and a button to Add a new structure.

To create a new commission structure, click Add. To edit an existing commission, double-click it.

Give the commission structure a name by entering one into the Commission Name field. The Commission name is just a reference for you to know which structure you're applying to each staff member. You can edit this later if you need to.


Next, use the Services Default Commission and/or Product Default Commission dropdown menus at the top of each section to apply a commission % to all Service Categories and/or Product Categories.

Note: Commission is calculated on the Net amount (before tax).

Apply Commission.gif

If you have different commission structures for each Service Category or Product Category or have different commission structures for individual Services or Products, you can click the drop-down options beside each row to change them individually

Commission Structures per Service.gif


Target-based/Tiered Commission Structure

You can create levels of targets where more commission is earned after a staff member has surpassed a particular value of sales by using the + button when building your commission structure.

For example, with the structure below applied, a staff member would not start earning commission until they've reached 300 in Service sales. Once they surpass 300 in service sales, they would then start earning 7% on any additional sales between 300 and 700. Then, once they surpass 700, they will start earning 12% on any further sales thereafter.

Target commission structure.gif

Once you've built your commission structure, click Save to finish.

Applying Higher Commission Values to Full Amount

If you wish to create a tiered/target-based commission system but apply the higher % commission to the staff members' total amount (e.g. using the example in the section above, the staff member would get 12% commission on their total service sales), you can do this by adjusting your reporting settings by going to ManagerReports > Staff, then click the cogwheel


Then, enable the Apply higher commission to full amount setting and click save.


If you are using the older Staff Commission Detail or Staff Commission Overview reports, you can enable the Apply Higher Commission Brackets to Full Amount setting before generating the report.

 Next Steps!

Once you've created all of your commission structures, you'll need to assign a structure to your team members. Click here for a guide on how to assign a commission structure to a staff member.

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