What is Technical Referral Commission and how does it work?

This article will explain how Technical Referral Commission works, how you can apply it to staff members, and how it looks in your Reporting.


Technical Referral Commission allows a staff member to receive a commission amount on services performed by other staff members.

This commission setting is typically used to allow stylists to receive a commission % on a technical/color service when that stylist performed the finishing service (blow-dry, cut, style, etc.) in the same appointment.

How it Works

If an appointment has 2 or more services, a staff member with Technical Referral Commission assigned to their staff profile will receive a commission % on any additional services in the appointment, provided:

  • The services being performed by other staff members have been assigned a commission amount in the referral commission structure.
  • The service being performed by the staff member with Technical Referral Commission is in a Service Category that has been assigned the Online category of Cut + Styling.
  • The services being performed by other staff members have not been assigned the Online category of Cut + Styling.


Checking the Cut + Styling Category/Categories

A staff member will only get a referral commission in the event that they performed a service from a Service Category that has the Online category of Cut + Styling.

To check this, go to Manager > Categories > Service Categories Single-click on the name of a Service Category.


Note: It's important to mention that changing the Online category can affect the order of how your service categories appear in online booking. For more information, check out this guide.

Creating the Technical Referral Commission Structure

To begin creating your technical referral commission structure, go to Manager > Commission, and click +Add to create a new commission.

Give the commission structure a name, then assign the % amount to the services that the staff member will receive technical referral commission on.

Note: The services you assign a commission % to will be the services that the staff member is not performing themselves.


You can assign a commission % to an entire category, or click the black triangle beside a Service Category name and assign a commission % at an individual service level. 

Once you've assigned a commission % to each of the relevant services/service categories, click Save to finish creating your commission structure.

Assigning the Commission Structure to Your Staff Member(s)

Next, assign the technical referral commission to your staff member(s). Go to Manager > Staff Members > Single-click on a staff member's name to open their Staff ProfileSettings > Choose the commission in the Technical Referral Commission section > Click Save to finish.


Example & Reporting

In the example below, staff member Becca is performing a color service, and staff member Emily is performing a Women's Cut as a finishing service.

Emily will be receiving the Technical Referral Commission in this example.

The Service Category that the Women's Cut service is from has the Online category of Cut + Styling assigned.


The Technical Referral Commission structure assigned to Emily gives 10% commission to all services in the Color category.



Once the appointment has been paid for, the commission will be reflected in the Staff Commission Detail and Staff Commission Overview reports.

Continuing with the same example above, you can see that Emily has earned a 10% commission on the color service, where that service was performed by Becca

Note: This commission is only reported through the Additional Reports, and is not currently reported on the Staff tab under Manager > Reports.

Staff Commission Detail Report

The Staff Commission Detail report will list any Technical Referral Commission received under the Services by Others header.

The staff member who performed the service will be displayed in brackets, along with the name of the Service performed, under the Description header.


Staff Commission Overview Report

The Staff Commission Overview report will give commission totals only, and normal commission and technical referral commission will be totaled together if applicable.



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