How do I view client Membership Billing information?

This article explains the billing section of the Memberships feature.

The Membership feature is currently only available to clients in the United States using PhorestPay.

In Memberships, there is a Membership Billing tab that is broken into 3 sections.

Billing Due

The billed due screen will show all client memberships which are scheduled to be billed that day. 


There are options available on this screen in the right corner:

Skip Billing: Skip the billing for this date until the next month.

Billed Manually: Using an external payment integration (Phorest Pay) you can use the Billed Manually button to move the membership from Billed Due to Billed OK once you have billed the client using another payment type such as cash or cheque. 

Charge Now: Bill the client now, instead of waiting for the system to automatically charge that night.



Billing Failed

The Billing Failed screen will display all failed billing and reasons for failure.


The options available on this screen are:

Freeze Membership: Allows to freeze that client's membership

Move To Billing Due Tab: Allows  to move the failed billing back to the Billing Due screen to reattempt the charge

Billed OK

The Billed OK screen will display all billings which have been successful. The billing can be filtered by Date so that you can view previous successful billings.


Refund Billing

You can refund a membership by using International Bancard's Merchant PortalTo access this merchant portal login details will be required. These login details are provided in the email sent to the merchant account holder when signing up for Phorest Pay. The subject line for this email will read "Welcome to Merchant Passport". 

If you cannot locate the email, the merchant account holder should contact International Bancard to get access to the Merchant Portal.  

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