How do I add a new Category? (Staff/Service/Product/Client)

This article will show you how to create a new Category for a product, service, staff member or client.

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Adding a new Product Category

Product categories can be used to group your products together, making it easier to filter specific products when checking clients out, creating orders, and generating reports.

To add a new Product Category, go to Manager > Categories > Product Categories.

Here, you will see a list of your existing Product Categories. Click Add to create a new Product Category.


Type in the name of your new Product Category, give it a Description if you need one, then click Save.


If you need to apply this Product Category to a Product, go to Manager > Stock/Inventory > Double click on your product, edit the Category, then click Save.


When generating reports or searching for inventory, you can use the Category drop-down menu to filter your list of products by category.

Adding a new Service Category

Service Categories can be used to group your services, packages, and special offers together. They can also be used when generating reports, for bulk machine/room assignments, or for creating on-screen prompts for all services within a category.

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Step-by-Step Guide

Go to Manager > Categories > Service Categories.

Here, you will see a list of your existing Service Categories. Click Add to create a new one.


Fill in the main Service Category details on the next screen


You can use the Rooms and Machines sections to assign every service within this category to a room/machine.


Click here to learn more about assigning service categories to rooms/machines.

To finish creating the service category, click Save.

If you add/edit a service, you can now assign it to your new category. Click here to learn more.

Adding a new Staff Category

Staff Categories can be used to create staff pricing levels and for filtering purposes when generating some reports, such as Staff Performance reports. A staff member's category does not affect their access permissions in Phorest. Access is determined by their Access Level.

To create a new staff category, go to Manager > Categories and click on Staff Categories.


Here, you will see a list of your current staff categories. To create a new one, click Add, then give it a Name and click Save.


To assign your new category to a staff member, go to Manager > Staff Members > Single-click on a staff member's name to open their Staff Profile, then assign the new category using the Staff Category dropdown and click Save.


Click here to learn how you can set up different price levels for your services using Staff Categories.

Adding a new Client Category

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Step-by-Step Guide

Client Categories can be created in order to apply discounts for certain clients automatically, or for filtering purposes when generating some reports, such as the Sales Transactions report.

To create a new Client Category, go to Manager > Categories > Client Categories.


Click Add to begin creating a new category


Fill in the details needed for this Client Category and click Save.


Category Name: The name of this Client Category.
Description: Any further detail to add to the Client Category
Service Discount: Apply automatic discounts to services for any client under this client category.
Checkbox: Also apply Services discount to packages & special offers.
Retail Discount: Apply automatic discounts to product sales for any client that has this client category applied.

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