How do I give clients an automatic discount using a Client Category?

The following article will show you how to give certain clients a discount automatically at purchase.

Creating a New Client Category

Go to Manager > Categories > Client Categories, then click Add to create a new Client Category.


Give the category a Name (and description if necessary), then set how much discount should be applied for clients in this category. You can set a service and/or retail discount, and you can use the dropdown buttons to set either a discount percentage or amount.

Once you're happy with your settings, click Save.


Assigning a Client to the Category

Next, you'll need to assign this category to the clients that should receive this automatic discount.

To do this, go to Clients > Search for and double-click on a client to open their Client Card > Click the Add button on the right under Client Categories, then select the new category you've created.


This client will now automatically receive this discount whenever they make a purchase.

If you have recently been updated to the new Clients screen, you can assign a Client Category under Basic Information.


Reporting on Discounts

You can run Discounts and Special Offers report for information on discount usage.

You can also run a Sales Transactions report and use the Client Category filter to see a full list of transactions where a Client Category discount was applied.

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