How do I block / ban a client from booking?

This article will outline how you can ban a client and prevent them from booking within Phorest.

Banning a Client

Within Phorest, you can ban a particular client if you wish. This will stop them from booking Online and also tell staff in the salon that they are banned.

To ban a client, go to Clients and open their profile. Under Basic Information, click Client actions > Mark as banned.


How Does it Work?

On the Appointments Calendar

Below is the alert that will appear to your staff if they attempt to book the client in.


Note: The above prompt will only show on Phorest Desktop. Currently, there is no prompt in Phorest Go.

In Online Booking

A client who is banned will see an error when they attempt to log in to online booking.

This setting only applies to the login associated with the email/phone number on the client's profile. If the client signs up to your online booking platform using different information then they will still be able to book an appointment online under a new client profile.

In the Branded App

If you have a Branded App, a banned client will not see any timeslot availability when attempting to book an appointment.


However, if they already have future appointments, they will still be able to view and cancel them themselves.

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