How do I manually change an Outstanding Balance to a Deposit on a client account?

This article will show you two ways to change an outstanding balance to a deposit on a client account.

Go to Clients > Search for and click on a client to open their profile > Click Wallet, and you will see any client credit/money owed under Amount Outstanding

Positive amount means that the client owes money.

A Negative amount means the client has that money in credit/to spend.

For example, in the screenshot below, the client has 150 credit to spend.


Click the value under Amount Outstanding > Click the calculator > Enter an amount (remember to click the minus (-) symbol if you're adding credit)


Lastly, enter the reason you are manually changing the amount > Click Save to finish.


The details of the manual change will then be recorded on the same page under Credit History.


The next time the client comes to the salon and you are on the Purchase screen, the following pop-up will be displayed to show this client now has a deposit on their account. Use the Account payment type to use this deposit to pay for something in a sale.


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