How do I refund a client's deposit?

This article will explain how you can refund credit assigned to a client's account.

Refunding an Online Booking or In-House Deposit

If a client has paid a booking deposit online or in-house, there are a few ways in which you can refund this deposit:

Refunding an Appointment Cancellation

If a client cancels, you can refund their deposit by single-clicking their appointment and then clicking Remove. Once the appointment is cancelled, a client's deposit will be refunded to them within 5-10 business days.

If you are using PhorestPay through Stripe, you will see the prompt below after clicking Remove. Click Refund Deposit to refund the full deposit paid, or you can choose to charge a Cancellation Charge if you wish.

If the client cancels their appointment themselves through your online booking system, their deposit will automatically be refunded within 5-10 business days.

Clients cannot cancel their appointment themselves online if it goes against your Cancellation Period.

Refunding Before the Client's Appointment (PhorestPay through Stripe)

If the appointment has not happened yet, but you need to refund the deposit, you can do this by going to ManagerSales > Go to the date when the deposit was paid.

Refunding the Full Deposit Amount

You can then refund the full amount by single-clicking the sale and clicking Void.

After voiding the sale, money will be refunded to the original card within 5-10 business days. If you prefer to refund using another payment method, use the Refund button instead.

Refunding Some of the Deposit (Partial Refund)

If you want to refund only some of the deposit, single-click the sale and then click Refund.

Click on the Price and change it to the amount you wish to refund > Click Pay.

Refund to the Credit payment type if you wish to automatically refund back to the original card. Or, choose a different payment method if you prefer.


Refunding After the Client's Appointment

If the appointment has already been completed and paid in full, you will not be able to refund using the original deposit sale, as this deposit will now be seen as used.

Instead, you will need to refund via the final appointment sale. To do this, go to ManagerSales > Navigate to the date of the appointment > Find and single-click on the sale.

You will notice the sale includes multiple payment types. AD represents the appointment deposit being used.

Voiding the sale will result in the entire sale amount (deposit + remaining amount) being refunded to the client, and the appointment will change back to an incomplete state on your Appointments calendar.

Clicking Refund will allow you to refund some/all of the payment, while leaving the appointment in a completed state. The AD payment amount can be refunded using the Credit payment type.

Refunding a Deposit on the Client Card

If a client has paid a deposit toward their client card, using the method in this guide, follow the steps below to process a refund.

Go to Purchase and enter the client's name at the top of the screen. Once you select the client, the system will tell you that they have a deposit on their account


Click the name of the staff member processing the refund, then click the deposit amount in the top left and click Pay Deposit. Enter the deposit amount that you would like to refund, and click OK.


Click the cogwheel under More, then click Refund


Complete the refund by processing the sale as you normally would, by clicking Pay and selecting the Payment Type you wish to refund to.

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