How do I remove a staff member's access from Phorest Go?

This article will show you how to block/stop a staff member from accessing Phorest Go on their mobile (tablet/smartphone) device if they have had access before.

Go to Manager > Staff Members, and single-click on a staff member's name to open their Staff Profile.

At the bottom of the Staff Profile, you will see a Password field. Edit the password to something the staff member wouldn't know (you don't need to remember the password either).

Next, remove the staff member's email address from their staff profile and click Save.

Once you've changed the staff member's password, Phorest Go will automatically log the staff member out as soon as they go to do something on the app.

Removing their email address will prevent the staff member from being able to reset their Phorest Go password.

Fully Removing (Archiving) a Staff Member

If you are looking to remove a staff member's access to the system entirely (Desktop and Phorest Go) click here for a guide on how to remove a staff member.

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