How do I book/check out a client that has a Course/Series session?

This article will show you how a client can redeem a remaining Course/Series session.

Booking a Course/Series Appointment

When you go to book a client who has a remaining Course/Series session, you will receive an on-screen prompt asking if you would like to select a service from the client course/series.


Note: If you're looking for information on how to sell a Series/Course to a client, check out this guide.

If you click Yes, you will see a list of Courses/Series that this client currently has remaining sessions in, along with the number of remaining sessions under the name of the Course/Series.

To book, simply click the name of the Course/Series. A session will be added to the appointment with a price of 0.00


Booking a Session from a Course/Series with Mulitple Services

If the client has purchased a Course/Series that comes with a number of multiple services, you will see the name of the Course/Series appear.

Click the name of the Course/Series, and you will see a list of the remaining sessions by each service, with the remaining sessions numbered underneath the service name.

Click the services that you would like to book. These will then be added to the appointment with a price of 0.00


Checking Out the Client

To check out the client, simply click on their appointment, and then click the Pay button.

The total amount owed should come to 0.00, unless the client is also getting another service that isn't part of their Course/Series or is purchasing a product.

For more information on checking out and paying for appointments, check out this guide.

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