How do clients make a booking in my Online Booking system?

This article will show you what it looks like when your clients go to book an appointment online.

Choosing their Services

First, your client will select which services they would like to book.

If your client has had a previous appointment, they can easily access their appointment history and rebook by selecting Make an Appointment or Rebook an Appointment and then select Rebook from a previous appointment.

make an appointment.png

rebook appointment previous.png


Your client has the choice to switch between the Service and Staff tabs. They can either select their service first and then choose a staff member, or alternatively select their preferred service member first, which then filters by the services this staff member provides. 

Screenshot 2024-02-28 153801.png


Choosing their Appointment Date & Time

Next, your client will choose the date and time for their appointment.

Screenshot 2024-02-28 150437.png

Logging in/Creating an Online Booking Account

If your client is not already logged in, they will be prompted to do so or create an account after selecting a date and time for their appointment.

Screenshot 2024-02-28 150533.png

Once a date and time are selected, the booking will appear on your Appointments screen in Phorest as an Online Booking in Progress.

Confirming and Completing their Booking

Finally, your client will be directed to a confirmation page. At this stage, they will be prompted to pay any applicable online booking deposit, agree to your online booking disclaimer (if enabled), and complete the booking.

confirmation screen.png

Confirmation Email

Both you and your client will receive a booking confirmation email.

The Email You Receive

The Email Your Client Receives

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