How does Online Booking choose a staff member when a client selects the 'No preference' staff option?

This article will explain how your Online Booking system decides which staff member to book an appointment with when a client chooses the 'No preference' option during booking.

When booking online, clients have the option to either choose a specific staff member for their booking or to choose a 'No preference' option.

If a client chooses the 'No preference' option, a staff member is chosen at random, provided they are available for the requested appointment time.

It is not possible to remove the 'No preference' option.

Is it Possible to Adjust This?

While it's possible to adjust the 'no preference' wording in the dropdown menu, it is not currently possible to adjust a staff member being chosen at random.

Adding and Removing Staff in Online Booking

If you'd like to learn how to show or hide certain staff members in your Online Booking system, check out this guide.

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