When a booking is made using Phorest online booking you can track values like the order number, services ordered and overall cost.

In order to do this, using Google Tag Manager, you must set up user-defined variables in your tag manager account.


To do this go to "Variables"



Then scroll to "User Defined Variables" and create a new one



In the top left you can name the variable whatever you want but we recommend using the below names as each article on this topic will reference these names. In the configuration you must use the variable type as being Data Layer Variable and the Data Layer Variable Name must be exactly the same as outlined in the variable names below. This is how setting up the variable for deposit amounts should look:




Variable names

The following is a list of suggested names for each variable and the required Data Layer Variable Name that will be available for you to track on the appointment confirmation page with Phorest online booking:

Name: Appointment ID
Data Layer Variable Name: appointmentId

Name: Appointment Services
Data Layer Variable Name: appointmentServices

This will pull back the following data for each service booked:

serviceId: The unique identifier for this service

serviceName: The name of this service

Name: Appointment Total Amount
Data Layer Variable Name: appointmentTotalAmount

Name: Appointment Deposit Amount
Data Layer Variable Name: appointmentDepositAmount


Once set up you can use these variables in your google tag manager account to inform other services like Floodlight by Google when a purchase has been made through your Phorest online booking. Your User-defined Variables should look something like this:



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