How do I refund or partially refund a Gift Card/Voucher?

This article will show you how to process a refund of a gift card/voucher for a client.

Go to Manager > Sales, then use the filters at the top of the screen to find the gift card sale.

Single-click the sale, then click the Refund button.

Note: If you sold the Gift Card online and want to refund the full amount back to the original card, use the Void button instead of Refund. Money will be refunded to the client in 3-7 business days.


Select the staff member whose name you wish to process the refund under, then select Gift Cards/Vouchers


Select Refill Gift Card/Top Up Voucher, then double-click the client's gift card on the next screen.


Enter the amount you wish to refund then make sure to click the - button in order to change this to a refund value, then click OK.

Note: It is important to press the - symbol after entering the refund value amount. If you do not press the - symbol during this process you will end up adding more money to the client's Gift Card.


Complete the transaction by clicking the Pay button, then selecting the payment method you wish to use in the refund, and then Pay again to finish.

Note: If you sell a Gift Card at a discount then you cannot refund using this method. Discounted Gift Cards cannot be refunded.


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