Merging two businesses into a new business

A business merge is done to place two branches that belong to two different businesses, into one new business that will have both of the two branches. 

It is important to note that the merge does not mean both branches will be merged into one single branch. Rather the process creates what is referred to as a chain or multilink setup.

The table and the picture below explain how your Phorest software is set up before and after the merge:

Before After
Two businesses.
One branch per business (2 branches).
One business.
Two branches (both in the same business)

You will need to contact to start this process.

Business and branch terminology

Your Phorest software is assigned to a business at the top level. A business can contain 1 or more branches. There are certain things like products, services, categories and more that belong to the business and are used by each branch. When using Phorest you log directly into a branch even if you only have 1 branch in your business.

What will happen once a branch is merged into a new business

  • Both branches that are being moved into a new business will bring with them the entire list of clients from the old businesses.

    Please note that if there are multiple branches in the other businesses then all clients will be copied over and will need to be manually archived if they are not relevant to the new business.


  • Appointments will be copied over to the branches in the new business.
  • Clients appointment history will be available in the new business.
  • Services from the old businesses will be available for all branches in the new business.
  • Sales transactions from the old business are copied over and are available in the branches belonging to the new business.
  • Loyalty points for existing clients in old businesses will be kept and accessible in the new business.



At the time of writing, the process for executing this operation has some limitations:


  • Every branch in the new business will share all the clients from the old businesses.
  • Duplicate client cards may appear if the same client existed in both of the branches being moved to the new business.
  • If a client existed in both branches before then the service history for a this client will show for the two old businesses.
  • One of the branches moved will not have any barcodes for products in the new business. One branch will be chosen to keep all product barcodes.
  • The Salon branded app will not be available initially for one branch, this requires manual intervention, estimated time is 10+ days. You can choose which branch is able to keep the app for this initial period of time. Users of the app for the branch that is not chosen will have to delete their app and download the app for the new business.
  • Online booking will require new client accounts for one branch. When clients go to book online for the selected branch they will need to sign up and create a new account for the new business.
  • Consultation forms for clients in one of the branches will not be available in the new business. You can choose which branch to keep the records from.
  • The branches will have no historical trail data.
  • Any existing vouchers and courses will be transferred to the new business. These will be available to all branches in the new business, not just the branch that they came from.
  • Duplicate Services will occur where the branches from the two old businesses have the same service name.
  • Duplicate Categories (Services, Clients, Staff, Products) and duplicate Client Sources will occur if both branches from the old businesses have the same names for categories or sources.
  • Duplicate Products will occur if both branches from the old businesses have the same names for products. Duplicate brands will also occur.
  • If any staff member was working in both of the old businesses, there will be duplicated entries for this staff member in the new business.


Please note that due to the volume of data contained in services, categories and more, when they are duplicated we cannot resolve them automatically. It will have to be completed manually by the new business owner.

Planning and estimated time

We are not in a position to give an accurate estimate, as this depends on the amount of data kept for each particular salon. We also need to execute this process when a business is not using the system - in the evening or during a day that the business is closed.

What is required to do a business merge?

Once you understand and are happy with the above limitations and the potential implications for your existing Phorest account we will start the process.

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