How do I view and edit history for clients who have purchased a Course/Series?

This article outlines how to view details or change the number of units remaining for a client on a Course/Series

The Client Courses/Client Series tab shows a list of all the clients that have had or are currently having a course/series of treatments in your salon. Here you can view or edit how many sessions ) they have remaining, and a list of their appointment history relating to that particular course/series.  Courses/Series can also be archived here.

Step-by-step Guide

Go to Manager > Courses/Series

 Click the Client Courses/Client Series tab at the top of the screen.

This then lists the clients in order of the date of purchase but you can filter at the top by Client Name and Used Courses/Series.

If you wish to edit a client’s course/series, you can click once on that course/series to highlight it (as shown in point 1. below) and then click the Edit button (2.) at the bottom of the screen.

You can manually change the number of sessions remaining by double-clicking on the units remaining section. (as shown in point 1. below)  This will bring a pop up that says Enter Number of Remaining Units, simply type the number of units you want that client to have remaining (2.) and click OK (3.).

You can view the history by clicking the history tab at the top of the screen (illustrated in point 1. below) which will show you a history of the number of sessions used and when they were used. Once you have finished Click Save (2.) to save any changes you have made.

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