Top 5 benefits for your clients.

  1. 24 hour access, 7 days a week - Your customers can book an appointment at a time and place that suits them.  The majority of online bookings are made after 8pm at night after your salon has closed!
  2. Access to all the info they need on your salon - Immediate access to treatments costs, service duration, prices and descriptions
  3. They can manage their own bookings - through their Booking History your customers can manage their appointments, cancel and reschedule as necessary (all within your cancellation policy)
  4. No upfront payment necessary -  Customers can plan and book ahead by only paying a small deposit upfront to secure the booking
  5. All your Special Offers and services info at a glance - this is great way for your customers to see what else your salon offers. Customers are also offered another service that they might like to book when booking online, which is a great upsell opportunity for you. 

 Top 5 benefits for you.

  1. 30% Increase in Revenue - First off and most importantly is the fact that salons that use online bookings see an average increase in revenue of 30% (client retention and new clients)
  2. Average amount of time saved per week is 5-7 hrs - but it can be a lot higher than this (answering calls, confirming/rearranging appointments
  3. 99% Reduction in No-Shows -  The cost to your business from no-shows is virtually removed as customers credit card details are stored after they booked online
  4. It gives you a virtual receptionist for your business 24/7
  5. 35% of online bookings are made after your salon has closed
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