Migrating Your PhorestPay Account from Bancard to Stripe (US Only)

This article will show you how you can move your PhorestPay account from Bancard to Stripe.

 Latest Version & Restart Required

Before beginning the migration, you will need to restart Phorest. Please also ensure that you are on the latest version of Phorest which you can download here.

During the migration process, you will be taken through 4 steps, all of which are covered in this article:

  1. Creating your Stripe account
  2. Ordering your Card Terminal(s)
  3. Pairing your Card Terminal(s) with Phorest
  4. Completing the PhorestPay migration from Bancard to Stripe

The first two steps will take roughly 20 minutes. Once completed, you will need to wait for your new PhorestPay Card Terminal(s) to arrive (typically 4-6 business days), after which you can continue with the remaining steps and complete the migration.

To get started, Go to ManagerPhorestPay > Take the first step.

 Access Required

The Settings access permission is required to view this screen. Check out this guide for information on how to update staff access.

If you need to save your progress during the migration, you can click Save & Close and continue later from where you left off.

Click Sign up to Stripe to begin creating your Stripe account.

Creating Your Account

Video Guide

Step-by-Step Guide

The next screen will open within your internet browser. If it doesn't appear automatically, minimize Phorest to see it.

Start by adding your email and cellphone number. You will be sent a text message with a verification code, so make sure to have your phone nearby.

You will also be asked to provide some verification documents during the sign-up process. Click here for a list of acceptable verification documents (make sure to change the COUNTRY to 'United States').

When you've completed the account creation process, you'll see a message to say your PhorestPay account is live.

Close this page and return to Phorest > Click Save & Close > Click Continue.

On the next screen, you may notice a Pending status on your Stripe Account.

This can be normal, and your account may take a moment to activate. Continue to the next step while your account is activating in the background.

Ordering Your PhorestPay Card Terminals

Video Guide

Step-by-Step Guide

Next, complete the order form for your new PhorestPay Card Terminal(s).

If you have already received your terminal and you do not require any additional hardware, you can skip this step by clicking Next Step.

If you change your mind and decide you need to order cradles or terminals you can click the details button to see the options again.

When you've added the details of your order, make sure to click Submit Order and then click Confirm Order.

Pairing Your Card Terminals with Phorest

Video Guide

Step-by-Step Guide

Once your Card Terminal(s) has arrived, remove the back cover and insert the battery, ensuring the gold connectors on the battery and the device are aligned.


🔋 We recommend charging the Terminal(s) for 4 hours before first use. It is strongly recommended you charge your terminals via a wall outlet. Click here for more information.

When connecting to WiFi, your network must use WPA-Personal or WPA2-Personal encryption and be password protected. The terminal does not support non-password-protected networks, enterprise networks and IPv6 networks.

Power the device on, follow the initial setup instructions and note down the pairing code when it appears on the Terminal screen. If you missed the code, don't worry; you can generate a new one later.

Return to ManagerPhorestPay > Click Continue > Click +Add Terminal to begin pairing the first Card Terminal.

Enter the pairing code into the Registration Code field, give the Card Terminal a name in the Reader Name field, and then click Add.


If you need to generate a new pairing code, swipe your finger in from the left of your Terminal screen > Press Settings > Enter 07139 as the Admin PIN > Press Generate pairing code.

If you have multiple Card Terminals, repeat this process to add each of your Terminals.

Completing the Migration to Stripe

Once all of your Card Terminals are paired, click Final Check and Switch to complete the migration.

The Final Step (IMPORTANT)

Restart Phorest after you've completed all migration steps, and your Credit and Debit payment types will now be linked to your new PhorestPay Card Terminal.

Stripe Account Not Active

If you see a message saying your Stripe account is not yet fully active, you most likely need to verify some information on your account before completing the migration.

To do this, click Dashboard to access the Stripe dashboard

You will see a message highlighted at the top of the screen where you can click Update info to finish providing any remaining information.

Once you've completed the migration, you'll be ready to start using all of the features available through PhorestPay.

Click here for a list of features as well as guides on how to use them.

Card Terminal FAQs

Click here for a list of answers to PhorestPay Card Terminal FAQs.

Bancard-to-Stripe FAQs

How much does it cost to switch to Stripe?

It will not cost you to move to Stripe; your terminals will be free. Bancard may charge a cancellation fee in some instances.

Is there a monthly account fee?

There are no account fees; you are only charged fees for each transaction you put through.

Am I PCI-compliant with Stripe?

You are fully PCI compliant with Stripe, and no third-party certification is required. There are no monthly or annual PCI compliance fees.

What payment types are accepted?

Stripe accepts various forms of card payments, including swipe, insert, tap, Google Wallet, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay. The accepted card brands are VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, and Discover. More here

How long does the switch take?

Setting up your Stripe account and ordering terminals through the Phorest system takes roughly 20 minutes. After that, it will take approximately 3-4 business days for your terminal(s) to arrive. Once your terminal(s) have arrived and are paired with Phorest, you can make the switch instantly. However, a restart of your Phorest system is necessary to begin using Stripe.

Can I keep using Bancard while I am switching to Stripe?

Please continue to use Bancard until your Stripe terminals are connected to the internet, paired with Phorest, and ready for use. Once you are ready to start using Stripe, you can make the final switch through the Phorest system.

When should I close my Bancard account?

Once you have completed the transition to Stripe, you can cancel your Bancard account.

You can contact Bancard support directly to cancel your account.

Email: IBCustomerService@GlobalPay.com

Phone: 800 827 4880 (opt. 2)

Who do I contact for Support with PhorestPay (Stripe)

Phorest will be your primary method of support for all queries related to Stripe. Please contact support via the standard process and your query will be addressed as normal 

What type of Charger is needed?

The charging cable can be plugged into any USB-A power adapter and has a minimum power requirement of 5V-2A (10W).

Many phone chargers are 5V-1A (5W) and will not sufficiently charge the terminal. Most iPad/Tablet power adapters are 5V-2A (10W) and will charge the terminal.

How do I access the settings of the Card Terminal once it's Paired and Updated?

If you need to access the Admin settings for the terminal, swipe your finger in from the left of your Terminal screen > Press Settings > Enter 07139 as the Admin PIN. This is required when configuring the WiFi network after the initial pairing of the terminal.

Does my Card Terminal prompt for Tip when using the Stored Card payment type?

PhorestPay (Stripe) currently does not activate the terminal when electing to use the card on file as the payment method. Therefore the tip amount must be entered at the point of sale prior to attempting to complete the sale. Click here for more information on Stored Card payments with Stripe. We are currently working on a similar tipping flow that will activate the terminal with a prompt for a tip.

When do PhorestPay payouts reach my bank account and how are fees deducted?

Click here for more information about deposits to your bank account with PhorestPay (Stripe).
Fees are deducted in real-time (at the point of sale) with a statement issued at the end of the month. This means the money in the bank is yours to keep - and you don’t need to worry about fees leaving your bank at the start of each month.

Does PhorestPay (Stripe) support Memberships?

Memberships through PhorestPay (Stripe) are supported. It is important to remind you that once the switch to Stripe is completed - all saved cards are wiped due to PCI regulations. Please see the below section regarding securely storing a client's card on file through Stripe.

How can I store a client's card to their profile with PhorestPay (Stripe)?

A client's card is securely stored when:

You can also securely store a clients card on file directly to their client card (without processing a transaction) in person via the Card Terminal. Click here for more information on storing a clients card on file. 

Staff Bank Accounts (Multi-Merchant accounts)

PhorestPay (Stripe) currently does not support the function of having a multi-merchant account setup. If your business operates with self-employed/booth renters, all transactions are deposited to one nominated Stripe account.

This feature is being investigated and is planned for development in the near future.



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