Why are my prices showing as 'Infinity' in my Online Booking service menu?

This article will explain why some of your service prices are showing as 'Infinity' instead of their actual price in your online booking menu.

Prices will show as 'from: Infinity' in your online booking menu because there are either no staff members set to perform this service in your Phorest system, or the staff that are set to perform the service are not available for online bookings.


To Fix This

First, check that the service can be booked with staff members.

Once staff members can be booked with this service, next check that those staff members are available to be booked online.

Once at least one staff member can be booked for this service and is available to be booked online, the service will then show the correct price in your online booking menu.

If you want to hide this service from your online booking menu entirely, check out this guide to find out how.

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