How do I add or remove petty cash/sundries?

This article will give you an overview of processing petty cash/sundry expense withdrawals and deposits.

If you need to remove cash from your cash register for salon expenses, you will need to record this in Petty Cash. Click on the Purchase screen and then select Petty Cash.


Taking Out Petty Cash

If withdrawing cash, choose Withdrawal, enter the petty cash details into the Description section, and click Open Cash Drawer. 


Returning Petty Cash

If you wish to return petty cash, for example, if you took cash out to buy coffee and had change leftover that you'd like to return, follow the same steps as above but click Deposit and change the description (e.g. 'Change from Salon Supplies') and click Open Cash Drawer.


A record of this withdrawal will then appear on your Transactions and Cash Up reports.

You can view these transactions on the financial reports too. Check out this guide to find out more.

Editing Petty Cash

To learn how to edit an existing petty cash entry, check out this guide.

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