How do I take a payment manually or over the phone with PhorestPay? (Virtual Terminal)

This article will show you how clients can pay over the phone using the PhorestPay Virtual Terminal.

The information in this article is relevant to businesses using PhorestPay through Stripe.

 Latest Version of Phorest Required

This feature requires Phorest version 8.4.28 or higher. You can get the latest version here on our Downloads page.

Taking a Payment with the Virtual Terminal

From the Purchase screen, add the items that the client would like to purchase, then click the Pay button.

Next, click either the Credit or Debit payment type, then check the Enter Card Manually box.


Saving Client Card Details

Choose whether you would like to save the client's card details for future visits or not. Saving card details allows you to use the Cardless Checkout feature in future for this client.


Note: You cannot save card details for sales with Walk-in clients.

Saved card details with PhorestPay are powered by Stripe, which has the very highest security and Level 1 PCI Compliance. Neither you, your staff, nor Phorest staff have access to the raw card details at any stage.

Next, click Pay, and you will be prompted to enter the client's card details.

Enter the card number, expiry date, and the CVV/card security number (3 digits, usually on the back of the card).

Then, enter an email address to send the receipt to, and click Complete payment to finish the transaction.


Taking a Split Payment with the Virtual Terminal

If you want to split the payment between two different cards, you can do so by using the Calculator buttons beside both the Credit and Debit payment options, splitting the total between the two payment types.

Make sure to check the Enter Card Manually box for both payment types after entering the amount for each type.


Once you've split the amounts between Credit and Debit, click the Pay button, and you will be prompted to enter the card details for each card individually.


If you choose to cancel the payment after having entered the card details for the first card successfully, you will be presented with the following options.


Taking a Payment on PhorestGo 2.0

  PhorestGo 2.0 Required

To get PhorestGo 2.0 on your smart device, search for it on your app store or click on one of the links below:

    iOS Store (iPhone or iPad)
  Google Play Store (Android device)

To take payment using the Virtual Terminal in PhorestGo 2.0, select Manually enter card details when checking the client out.

Enter the client's card details, then choose if you would like to store the card details securely for future use. It's important to confirm with your client that they are happy for their card details to be securely stored.

If you do not wish to store the client's card details, leave this option disabled. Tap Use card to continue, and then tap Charge to complete the sale.

Taking a split payment with the Virtual Terminal using PhorestGo 2.0 is not currently possible. 

Can I see the Total Amounts on my End of Day Cash Up?

Yes, the total amount taken through the Virtual Terminal will be displayed under ManagerSales:


Total Virtual Terminal sales will also appear on your Cash Up screen:


How Much Does it Cost?

UK & Ireland

1.2% of the total sale amount + £/€0.20 + VAT


1.4% of the total sale amount + $0.10 + GST

The total fees will appear on your PhorestPay invoice under Virtual Terminal.


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