How do I move a Gift Card/Voucher from one client to another?

This article will show you how you can change the name on a Gift Card/Voucher from one client to another. This also works for Gift Cards/Vouchers sold to Walk-In clients.

Go to Manager > Gift Cards/Vouchers, then use the search fields at the top of the screen to find the Gift Card/Voucher you wish to change. Once you've found it, double-click it to edit it.


To move this Gift Card/Voucher to another client, click the Magnifying Glass beside the client's name to search for the new client, or click the 'x' and then start typing the client's name into the Client field.

Once you've found the client, double-click them, then click Save to finish.


The Gift Card/Voucher will now exist under the new client's Client Card for future use.

The change will also be recorded in the History for the Gift Card/Voucher:


Re-Using Gift Cards

You cannot delete Gift Card serial numbers that have been used. If you are looking to 're-use' a gift card, you can use the steps in this guide to reassign the gift card to a new client and then top-up the gift card.

 Next Steps!

Next, you might want to email the Gift Card to the new client. Click here for a guide on how to do that.

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