How To Change a Voucher From A Walk In To A Client

This article explains how you edit the name of a sold or manually added gift voucher/card to an existing client

When Vouchers are imported in bulk to Phorest, they are allocated as a Walk-In. The following steps explain how to allocate a walk-in voucher to a client.

Go to Manager>Vouchers / Gift cards



Type in the serial number of the voucher.


Double click on the voucher (or highlight the voucher in question, and click on the Edit button (as shown in points 1. and 2. below)


Enter the client's name you wish to assign to it by typing in the box (as per point 1. below), or click the magnifying glass to do a full client search (2.). Click Save when you are finished (3). The voucher/gift card will now be assigned to the client. 



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