How do I edit an appointment?

In this article, you will be shown how to edit an appointment time, staff, service, duration, and price. 

To edit the appointment double-click on it and the appointment card will open up.

To edit the time in the appointment card, click on the time. A calculator will appear. Type in the new time and click okay. The new time has now been saved.

Note: If you're looking to move the appointment to another day, check out the guide here.

To edit the staff member click on the staff member's name, and alternative staff will appear. Choose whoever you want to carry out the service, then click Done.

To remove a service from the appointment, click the X.

To add another servicer click the Service button then choose your service.

To change the duration click on the minutes in the appointment card. A calculator will pop up. Type in the new duration and click OK then Done. The duration has now been changed.

To change the price, click on the price on the appointment card. A calculator will pop up. Type in the new price and click okay and done. The price has now been changed.

Click the following links to learn how to do multiple/ split payments or how to quickly copy or move appointments to another day using the clipboard.

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