How do I reschedule or copy a client's appointment to another day?

This article shows you how you can change the day/date an appointment is booked in your calendar to another date.

To move an appointment or copy an appointment to another day, go to your Appointments screen and single-click on the appointment you wish to move or copy.

Click the Clipboard icon in the bottom right then go to a new date in your calendar, single-click on the timeslot you wish to move or copy the appointment to and click the clipboard again


You will be prompted to either Copy or Move the appointment.

If you click Copy, the appointment will remain in its original timeslot and will also be copied to the new timeslot.

If you click Move, the appointment will be moved from its original timeslot to the new timeslot.


Moving/Copying Multiple Appointments

You can move multiple appointments at once by holding the shift key on your keyboard (highlighted in the image below) and then single-clicking each appointment you wish to check out.

For each appointment you select, you will notice the appointment(s) will be highlighted by an orange outline.

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