How do I set a client data retention period for GDPR

This article outlines where to set data retention dates to be GDPR compliant

To be GDPR compliant you may choose to set a data retention period to delete any client information from clients who have not visited your salon within a certain time period. Usually, this date period will be provided by your insurer. Once this date limit is set, Phorest will automatically delete any clients who have not visited your salon for more than the set limit.  This is a permanent process and cannot be undone, unlike the Archive feature which can be reversed. 

Video: Set A Client Data Retention Period

Step-by-step guide

Go to Manager > Settings.

Under the General tab go to Client Setup, then use the dropdown menu under Data Retention to choose your preferred setting, and click Save to finish.


Phorest will now automatically check the system and Forget any clients who have not visited the salon for as many years as you have set.  For example, if you change this to 2 years, Phorest will check daily and delete any clients who have not visited your salon in the last 2 years.  

Note: The system will only Forget this client, and so will only delete any client sensitive data.  All figures relating to this client will be kept anonymously so as not to disrupt any financial reports. 

For more information regarding a client's right to be forgotten at any time, click here

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