I’ve heard about PhorestPay, but what is it?

PhorestPay allows your salon to take payments for services and retail, both online and in your salon. Phorest will take the payment on your behalf, and we deposit that money straight into your bank account. 

I already have a credit card terminal in my salon, why do I need this?

With your credit card terminal supplied by your bank or payments company, it only allows you to take payments in the salon. With PhorestPay, you can take payments online for gift cards, online retail, and larger deposits for online bookings. PhorestPay will store your client's credit card details so that they can check out in the salon seamlessly.

How much does it cost?


When will I get my money?

Payouts are done on a daily basis and take approximately 2 business days to land in your bank account. For more information on how payouts work, and how you can check the history of your payout invoices with PhorestPay, check out this guide.

Ok, this all sounds great… When can I get it?

PhorestPay is currently live and you can sign up under Manager > PhorestPay. Once you sign up for your account you can use Online vouchers and the Online Store, and Custom Online Deposits. Click here for a guide on how to get started.

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