What is the 'AD' payment type that appears on my Sales screen?

This article will explain what the AD payment type is, and why it appears on your Sales screen.

The AD payment type is linked to Online Booking Deposits and In-House Deposits that are processed through PhorestPay, and appears on the Sales screen when the deposit is Used.

Initial Payment of Deposit

When a deposit is initially taken, the payment will be recorded as a credit card (CC) payment type, and the amount will be equal to the total deposit amount taken.


These amounts will add to your Appointment Deposit Paid totals on your Financial Totals reports and will be added to the PhorestPay Credit payment type.

Deposit Being Used ('AD' Payment Type)

Once the appointment has been completed and paid for, the Sales screen will show the deposit amount as being used and will be displayed as the AD payment type. The remaining price paid for the appointment will be listed as whatever payment type was used.

For example, in the screenshot above, a deposit of 10.00 was captured. In the screenshot below, the deposit of 10.00 was then used (AD 10.00 payment), and the remainder of the appointment (40.00) was paid for with a credit card (CC).


These amounts will add to your Appointment Deposit Used totals on your Financial Totals reports.

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