How do I checkout a client through my PhorestPay Terminal in the PhorestGo app?

 Feature Compatability

PhorestPay Card Terminal checkout is available on both Android and Apple iOS devices, provided you are using PhorestGo 2.0. If you use the previous Phorest Go version, the Card Terminal will only work on Apple iOS (iPad/iPhone) devices.

Important: Update & Restart PhorestGo

If you only recently received your PhorestPay Card Terminal, please make sure to update to the latest version of PhorestGo.

    iOS Store (iPhone or iPad)

  Google Play Store (Android device)

If you are already on the latest version, please force close and restart Phorest Go on your smart device before attempting to checkout appointments.

Tap on the appointment > Tap Check In (if you haven't done so already) > Tap Pay > Add any additional items to the sale (if applicable) > Tap Pay again.

Choose either Credit or Debit to process a payment using your PhorestPay Card Terminal.


Click Pay, then complete the payment using your PhorestPay Card Terminal.

Choosing a Different Card Terminal

If you have multiple PhorestPay Card Terminals, you can tap Card Terminal to process the payment on a different terminal.


Manually Entering Card Payment Details

Tapping Manually Enter Details will allow you to input the card details and can be used for taking payments over the phone.

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