How do I take a manual payment with my PhorestPay Card Terminal? (US Only)

Note: This feature is currently only available in North America.

With Phorest Pay you can put through manual payments if customers would like to pay over the phone or do not have their credit or debit card on them.

When you click on either the Credit or Debit payment type or the calculator next to the payment type you will see Manually enter credit card details with a checkbox underneath.

You will need to single-click this checkbox to process manual payment transactions on the Phorest Pay device. After checking this box, click Pay.

Your Phorest Pay device will then light up and go to the Tip screen where you will then choose the tip profile. When prompted, use your Phorest Pay device's keypad to enter the client's card information, then press Enter.

The device will then ask for the Signature of the person who is putting through the sale, once the signature is added, press Enter. The device will then say Approved once the sale has gone through.

You might also like to know how you can store a client's card details in your Phorest system, either automatically or manually. For more information on that, check out this guide.

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