This article outlines the Financial Totals Report and the information it provides you about your business

Financial Report (Reports Dashboard)

The Financial Totals report gives you a financial breakdown for the selected period of time.

Go to ManagerReports. You will see the Financial Totals report here under the Finance tab. 


You can choose the Date Range from the drop-down list on the top right.


You can also Export this report to a .csv or .pdf file. 


Once you select the date range from the options on the left or by navigating through the calendar, click Update. Use the drop-down arrows to expand the view for each of the totals. 


You can expand the view further to get more details in each section



The sales section lists

  • The number of services, courses, and products sold.
  • The number of Online Products sold (if your Online Store is enabled)
  • The revenue generated (excluding tax) on services, courses, and products. 
  • The tax incurred on services, courses, and products. 
  • The total for all quantities. 

If you're looking for a breakdown of your sales transactions, check out the Sales Transactions report.

Vouchers and Accounts

  • The value of vouchers sold and the value of deposits paid into client accounts for that period. 


Legacy Financial Report

You can also access the legacy version of this report by going to Manager > Reports > Additional Reports > Financial.

Report Sections Explained


The sales section lists

  • The number of services, courses and products sold 
  • The revenue generated, excluding tax, on services, courses, and products. 
  • The tax incurred on services, courses, and products. 
  • The total for all quantities. 


Non-revenue Sales 

Non-revenue sales apply to vouchers and deposits. With these sales, the client is not purchasing a product or service so no tax can be applied until they spend the voucher or deposit. It shows the number of vouchers sold along with the amount generated on voucher sales

It also shows the amount of revenue generated on deposits

Below both of these sections, it shows a total figure for sales and non-revenue sales combined.

If you are using Custom Online Deposits, you will also see Appointment Deposit Paid and Appointment Deposit Used in this section. The figure under Paid relates to bookings made online that day when a deposit was paid, whereas Used is calculated on the actual day of the appointment. When the deposit is used to pay for the service on the day of the appointment, it’s classed as a sale, and tax will be calculated on the total amount (deposit and balance paid).


The Cash Book gives an overview of where the money has come into the business and where any expenditures have gone, such as money spent on petty cash or clients adding money to a credit account.

No Show paymentsCancellation Charges and Online Store Shipping Costs processed through PhorestPay currently do not show in your Cashbook total. If you notice a difference in Total Banked between your Cashbook and Payment Types, go to Manager > Reports > Finance tab, expand on the Sales area and check these totals to confirm that they match the difference.

Payment type breakdown

This section gives you a breakdown of money taken by different methods during the selected period of time, along with the total value banked.

It also displays the value of vouchers redeemed (not sold) along with any other payment methods required.

Tax/VAT/GST Breakdown

This section gives you a rundown of the tax incurred and the % rates applied.

If you are using Custom Fees, please note that your they will not be included in the Tax/VAT breakdown total.

If you see Account tax listed in this area, this is generated from appointment deposit sales using this method specifically. Deposits are considered non-revenue, and tax is calculated when the deposit is used to redeem a service/product.

Differences In Totals

You may sometimes notice that the total in the Sales section, Total Banked in the Cashbook section, and Total Banked in the Payment Types section don't match. The information below will help you to reconcile that information.


Total Banked = Sales Total plus Non-Revenue Sales Total minus Sundries minus any non-banked custom Payment Types.

Payment Types

Total Banked = Cashbook Total Banked + Any No Show payments and Cancellation Charge payments processed through PhorestPay. You can find both the No Show and Cancellation Charge total for a given date range by going to ManagerReportsFinance > Set date range > Expand on the Sales section

Note: The total number of No Shows on the Financial Report (Reports Dashboard) will be different from the total number in the No Shows and Cancellations Legacy Report. The date filter in the No Shows and Cancellations Legacy Report is set according to the appointment date, while No Shows on the Financial Report (Reports Dashboard) are based on the purchase date.

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