This report will show all of the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) details for your salon

Go to Manager > Reports > Additional Reports > Financial > KPI Performance Detail

Staff Utilisation

Hours Available - Number of hours the staff member was scheduled to work

Hours Worked - Number of hours the staff member spent  with clients or blocked out using the Break option. Note - "Staff is Paid During This Break" must be ticked to ensure the staff member is "utilised" during this period. 

Utilisation - Percentage of time staff member is utilised during the hours available.

Client Breakdown

Individual Clients - Number of client visits during that period

New Clients - Number of new client visits during this period

Requests/Non Requests - These are requests/non requests made to the salon and not the number of clients who've visited (an individual client can have multiple requests)

Female - Number of female client visits

Male - Number of male client visits

Unspecified gender - Number of client visits with an unspecified gender. This appears when adding a new client in the system via the appointment screen. You can change this by accessing the clients details through the Client Card on the Appointment screen and selecting the relevant gender. 


The Average Visit Revenue is worked out by dividing the number of client visits in the Performance Stats report, run for the same period, by the total value of Services and Products EX VAT together.

Visits are counted as unique guest visits per day. If a single client has 1 sale for a service, and another sale for a product on the same day, this will be counted as a single visit.

Note: You will need to run the Performance Stats report separately for the same period to get the number of client visits

Average Service (Ex VAT) is the total number of services sold divided by Net value

Average Product (Ex VAT) is the total number of products sold divided by Net value

Services/Courses/Products Sold

Description of the service/course/product

#  - How many times this Service/Course/Product was sold in this time period

Breakdown of figures: Net (ex-VAT), VAT, Total

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