The Petty Cash and Sundries report gives you a break down of all the Deposits & Withdrawals that have been recorded under the Petty Cash section of the system.

Staff: The staff section will give you a list of staff members that have either withdrawn or deposited any petty cash on the  system, please note the staff members name will only appear if pin numbers are in place on the system.

Withdrawals: Withdrawals will give you a total figure of all the petty cash taken out of the system.

Deposits:  This section will give you a total of any petty cash added back in to the system, for example if a staff member had to take petty cash out of the system and had change left over  from the use of that petty cash they can then deposit it back into the till using the deposit option and it will be recorded under the deposits section of this report.

Amount Notes: The amount notes section will show the reason a staff member submitted for a withdrawal or deposit of petty cash.

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