This report will show a breakdown of all future appointments by day and staff member.

 Where to find this Report

This report can be found under Manager > Reports > Additional Reports > Financial

The value of future appointments is designed to show the potential value of all the future bookings you have between the dates you have chosen.

Things Worth Noting

  • The number of future bookings is the number of appointments booked between the dates you have selected.
  • The Value is the total price, which is inclusive of any deposits paid and excludes any preset automatic discounts (e.g. discounts for booking online etc.).
  • The Value figure is inclusive of Tax.
  • If you use the future appointments reporting to look at past dates (not recommended), you may notice differences in totals when comparing to staff performance reports or financial total reports. This can be because:
    • Future appointments reports will include No Show and incomplete appointments, when reporting on past dates.
    • Future appointment reports do not include individual sales transactions, i.e. if a service sale was processed solely through the Purchase screen, without an appointment existing.

Weekly Future Bookings

This section breaks down each booking by the day of the week.

It shows each day with the number of bookings and the estimated value of the bookings for that day


Staff Member Future bookings

This section breaks down each booking by each staff member.

Bookings in Waiting List:

This section gives you the total amount of appointments on the Waiting List between the dates specified when generating the report, along with their value.


Improved Reporting

A more data-rich Future Appointments dashboard is now available within our Insights reporting, which can be found in the Manager > Reports Insights > Future Appointments on Phorest using a computer, or in the PhorestGo sidebar under Insights > Future Appointments.

Click here to learn more about the Insights dashboard

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