How do I manage corporate accounts in my salon?

This is for salons that have an ongoing arrangement with a company for their staff to visit a salon and either get a discount or the visit gets paid for later by the company.

Set up an Automatic Corporate Discount

Go to Manager > Categories > Client Categories


Click Add and create a special discount for this client category.



Assigning the Discount to a Client

To assign the discount to a client, go to Clients > Search the client's name > Double-click to open their client profile. Click the Add button under Client Categories, then select the client category you created earlier.


Click Save to finish.

If you have recently been updated to the new Clients screen, you will find this option in a client's profile under Basic Information > Client Settings.

How it Works

Once assigned, the discount will automatically be applied to that client's purchases when you are checking them out.


Reporting on Discounts

You can see how many of these discounts were used in a month by running the Special Offers and Discount report under Manager > Additional Reports.


You can also get a breakdown of each visit by filtering the Sales Transactions report by Client Category.

Bill the company for the entire service at the end of the week/month

  1. Set up a client category as per step 1 above. If there is no discount, then just leave the discount part blank.

  2. Apply this client category to each client that the company is going to pay for. (As per step 3 above)
  3. Now you need to set up a Payment Type called Corporate. Click here to see how to do this.
  4. When you are paying for one of these visits in the Purchase Screen, the client won't be handing over any money so you will need to ring it through under the Corporate payment type.


  5.  At the end of the week or month, run the Sales Transactions report (1) filtered by that Client Category and (2) filtered by the payment type Corporate to get a list of all the client visits that the company owes the salon for.


  6. It is very important that you filter by the payment type as well as the client category otherwise, the report will show visits that those clients had that were paid by the client normally.

  7. You could even use the Schedule button and enter the company's email address to have it emailed automatically to their accounts department each month if you wish.  

 Click here to learn more about setting up Special Offers.

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