How do I archive a service from the service list?

This article will outline how to remove a service or treatment from the list of services on your Phorest system.

Archiving a Service

Go to Manager>Services, and check the box beside the name of the Service(s) you wish to archive. When you're ready to archive, click the Archive button.

Note: Archiving a Service will not remove any existing appointments in your calendar relating to that Service.


Multiple Locations in Phorest?

If you have multiple locations in Phorest, archiving a Service will remove it from all locations. If you wish to remove a service from just one location, single-click the name of the service > Branches, then change Available to No for each location where this Service shouldn't be bookable. 


Restoring an Archived Service

To display a list of your Archived services, click the Archived button.


Check the box(es) beside the Service(s) you wish to restore, then click the Restore button.


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