How do I archive a service, and how does that impact appointments and reporting?

This article will outline how to remove a service or treatment from the list of services on your Phorest system.

Archiving a Service

Go to Manager > Services, and check the box beside the name of the Service(s) you wish to archive. When you're ready to archive, click the Archive button.

Multiple Locations in Phorest?

If you have multiple locations in Phorest, archiving a Service will remove it from all locations. If you wish to remove a service from just one location, single-click the name of the service > Branches, then change Available to No for each location where this Service shouldn't be bookable. 


Restoring an Archived Service

To display a list of your Archived services, click the Archived button.

Check the box(es) beside the Service(s) you wish to restore, then click the Restore button.


Future Appointments

Archiving a service will not impact any future appointments that have already been booked. Once the service is archived, those appointments will remain on your Appointments calendar, and you will still be able to take payment for those appointments.

However, you will no longer be able to book the service in new appointments after it has been archived.

Packages and Special Offers

If you have created any Packages or Special Offers that include archived services, clients will still be able to book those Packages or Special Offers despite the included services being archived.

This can be useful in scenarios where you only want services to be booked together in a packaged format rather than individually.

If you no longer want a Package or Special Offer to be booked, you can archive that Package/Special Offer.


Archiving a service will not affect the data in your reports. You will still be able to report on historical information related to that service despite it being archived.

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