How do I set up Departments on Phorest?

This article will show you how to configure the Departments feature, in order to split your calendar view into different areas of your business.

You can separate your system into different departmental areas of your business, e.g. Hair department, Beauty Department etc., in order to view department-specific reporting, and to give your Appointment calendar the optimal view.

Creating a Department

Go to Manager > Settings > Facilities > Departments

Navigate to Department settings.gif

Click Add, enter the Department Name, then click OK.


Assigning Services to a Department

After you've created all your Departments, you'll need to set which Services belong to each department. To start, click the Assign Departments button


Click the right-column area beside a Service Category to assign all services within that category to a Department

Assign Service Categories to a Department.gif

If you wish to assign individual Services to a department, rather than the entire Service Category, click the black triangle beside a category name to expand on that category. From there, you can assign individual services to each department.

Assign Services to Department.gif

When you're finished, click Save.


You can also run the Sales by Department report in order to gather some financial performance information on each department.  For more info on how to run this report, click here.

 Next Steps

Click here to learn how to assign a Staff Member to a Department.

Click here to learn how to display the Department view on your Appointments calendar.

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