How do I save a product on an appointment to be paid for later?

This guide will show you how to add a product to a client's appointment, allowing the client to put a product on hold until they complete their appointment.

To start, click on an appointment and click Pay.

Next, scan the product barcode to add it to the bill. Alternatively, click Products > Click Select to add the product manually, or click Product History to choose a product that the client has purchased before.

Do not click Pay, instead, click the Appointments button to go back to your appointment calendar. The product(s) will now be automatically saved for the client's appointment.

Completing the Sale

After a product has been added to the sale, there are two ways in which you can complete the sale.

Method 1

Go to your Appointments calendar > Click on the appointment > Click Pay. The product will automatically appear in the client's basket, and you can complete the sale as normal.

Method 2 

Go directly to the Purchase screen and press the Down arrow key on your keyboard. A list of saved sales will appear with a basket icon beside them.

Click on a sale to add it to the Purchase screen, then complete the sale as normal.


This method also works across multiple computers, so you could use one computer to add a product to a bill, and then another computer to check the client out if you like.

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