This article will show you how to add client notes and appointment notes, and show you where they can be viewed in the Client Card.

In Phorest, you can add two different types of notes for a Client:

Client Notes, which are general notes about a client that you would like to keep a record of. These notes could be anything from the client's interests and hobbies, down to how they like their coffee.

Service and Color Notes, which are notes specifically relating to a particular appointment (e.g. color formulas, products used etc.).

Adding/Viewing Notes through an Appointment

To begin adding notes, double-click on an appointment. You'll notice the notes area at the bottom of the appointment editor window.


Service and Color & Past Appointment Notes

Any notes relating to this particular appointment should be entered in the Service and Colour Notes area. These notes will automatically be visible in the Past Appointment Notes area when booking/editing future appointments, along with the date of the appointment for reference.

Client Notes

Any general notes should be entered in the Client Notes area. These will always remain the same and will be visible in the Client Notes section in future, as well as on the Client Card under the Notes section.

Adding/Viewing Notes through the Client Card

Go to Clients, then search for and double-click on a client to open their Client Card.

General Client Notes can be added or viewed by going to the Notes section of the Client Card.


Service & Color Notes (or Appointment Notes) can be seen under the Service History section under the Notes column.

You can double-click in this column to add/edit notes.


Prompting Client Notes on your Appointments Calendar

Client notes can be displayed on the Appointments calendar automatically at certain times. To find out more, check out this guide.

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