How do I pay for/check out more than one client at the same time (Group Booking)?

This article will show you how you can combine and pay through multiple appointments at once, which can be useful when you have a group booking where someone wants to pay for their own and another clients appointment.

You can select multiple appointments on your calendar by holding the shift key on your keyboard (highlighted in the image below) then single-clicking each appointment you wish to check out.

For each appointment you select, you will notice the appointment(s) will be highlighted by an orange outline.



After you've selected your appointments, click the Pay button.

Note: The payment will be processed under whichever client you select first.

After clicking Pay, you'll arrive at the Purchase screen and will see all services listed from each of the appointments you've selected, with an Amount Due totalling the combined price of all services.


If you've accidentally selected more services than intended, click the X button to remove a service.

When you're ready, click Pay to complete the transaction.

The service history for these appointments will be recorded as it normally would if you were to pay each of them through individually.

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