What do each of the appointment colors mean?

This article will tell you about appointment colors, and why appointments automatically change colour on your Phorest calendar screen.

Appointments on your Phorest calendar will automatically turn specific colors to indicate their status. These are designed to keep you and your staff informed and to allow you to easily identify an appointment's status with a simple glance at the appointment screen.

Default Colors

You can customize the default color of appointments for each of your Service Categories. This is set under Manager CategoriesService Categories.


Click here for more information on setting colors per service category.

Automatic Colors

An appointment will turn Orange if the appointment has not been checked in and its start time has already begun.


An appointment will turn Yellow if the appointment has been checked in on the system.


An appointment will turn Green if the appointment has been checked out and paid for.


An appointment will turn Grey if the appointment's end time has elapsed and the appointment has not been checked in or paid through (i.e. the client was a no-show).


An appointment will turn Olive Green when a deposit has been paid towards the appointment. To learn more about adding deposits towards appointments, click here.


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