This article outlines how to tidy up your client list so you only see relevant clients

Bulk Archiving is a way to easily archive a bunch of clients at once who no longer come into the salon. It is a good way to clean up your database so you are no longer using resources to contact clients who are no longer regular visitors.

This is not the same as Forgetting/Deleting. Archived clients are simply hidden and can be unarchived at any time.  For more information about how to set a data retention period so clients will get automatically forgotten after a certain time period, click here.

  If you are new to Phorest and we imported your client list

We highly recommend waiting at least 1 year before using this feature. Imported clients are viewed in Phorest as 'New', and Client Visits in Phorest are counted by sales transactions (which are not possible to import). As a result, some clients may be included in your selected 'No Visit' range and be archived as a result.

Go to Clients - Bulk Archive


Then set the conditions that need to be met in order for a client to be archived. After you choose your conditions, the Clients to Bulk Archive total will update to let you know how many clients you will be archiving.

Once you're ready, click the Archive button.


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