How do I create, assign and remove client categories?

This article will show you how you can update a Client Category on a client's profile, which can be used for effective marketing and to automatically apply discounts for certain clients.

Updating a Client Category

When viewing a client's profile, you can see if they are assigned to any category under the Client Categories section under Basic InformationClient Settings.

Here, you can use the dropdown menu to assign a category to a client or remove a category from their profile.

Creating a new Client Category

If you wish to create a new Client Category, check out this guide to find out how.

Sending a Marketing Campaign

You can target a specific Client Category when sending a marketing SMS or email by choosing the Client Group option when prompted to select your campaign recipients.

Then click Client Category and select the category you wish to send your campaign to.

Automatic Client Discounts

You can also apply an automatic discount for clients in a particular client category. For more information, check out this guide.

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