How do I find and print a list of a particular client's appointments?

This article outlines how to check if a customer has any future appointments booked in and print these appointments, and how to print a list of their appointment history.

Go to Clients, then search for and double-click on a client to open their Client Card.

Once in the Client Card, click into the Service History menu


Here you will see a list of all past and future appointments.

Future appointments will be displayed in Green. Previous cancellations and/or No Show appointments will be displayed in Gray. Completed past appointments will be displayed in White.

You can use the Print Future or Print History buttons to print a list of this client's appointments (more information on each button below).


Print Future (Receipt Paper Print)

You can use the Print Future button to print off a list of this client's future appointments only.


Note: This prints in receipt paper format, so you will need to have a receipt printer connected and configured for this to work. If you do not have a receipt printer, use the Print History button which also includes future appointments.

Print History

You can use the Print History button to print a full list of all the client's appointments, both past and future.

When clicked, an Appointment History Report will be generated which includes the date and time of all appointments, the staff member with who the appointment was booked, the service, the price, and any appointment notes for each appointment.


You can then use the buttons at the bottom of the screen to print the report, or save it in a format of your choosing, which can be useful if you prefer to save paper and email the report to the client. 


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