How can I view and print a client's future and/or past appointments?

This article shows how to check if a customer has any future appointments booked, how you can print these appointments, and how to print a list of their appointment history.

Viewing/Printing History in Phorest

Go to ClientsClient List > Search for and click on the client to open their profileAppointment History > Print History (for past appointments) or Print Future (for future appointments).

Appointment History in Online Booking & the Branded App

Your clients can also view their most recent and upcoming appointments online and in your Branded App (if you have one). They can see the history of appointments that were either booked online or in-house.

They can also rebook from their appointment history or cancel/reschedule upcoming appointments (provided it adheres to your cancellation policy).

To view their history, clients can log in to your online booking website and click My Booking History.

My Booking History will only display appointments from the previous 6 months and the upcoming 6 months.


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